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Haworth is Re-envisioning the Future Office in a Work From Anywhere Ecosystem


The Future Office

Haworth is re-envisioning the future office based on societal shifts—accelerated by the global experiment we’ve all been living the last two years. In a Work from Anywhere ecosystem, people will choose from locations like home and third places, but the office will remain the hub. This is where connections happen and culture thrives.

Explore the spaces and products that support your future office needs.



After being out of the workplace for the past two years, people will be drawn to spaces where they can rejuvenate, which is essential for well-being and the creative process.


Team Space
Flexible furniture encourages movement of team members within the space while elements that encourage people to adjust their workspace provide a sense of belonging and control.


People have been missing in-person connections by not being in the office. Lounge settings encourage social connections with opportunities for face-to-face interactions. 


Private Offices
Spaces ranging from multi-use to support collaboration, executive offices finished with veneer, and high-impression offices to convey status and brand.

Haworth’s legacy of seating explores office seating solutions designed to offer ergonomic support and comfort. From neutral white office chairs to luxe leather executive seating, our seating options offer a variety of styles and finishes to suit every space.


More than an amenity, the café is where social connections happen. Cafés also serve as high-impression spaces for greeting customers and conveying brand.


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